Policy Submissions

Our mission is to ensure that Fingal is a great place to live, work, and do business. In pursuit of these objectives, the Chamber regularly responds to consultations organised by Government departments, local Government and state agencies.

Our submissions are informed through survey data from our Business Sentiment Survey, input from the Chamber’s Business Council, stakeholder engagement with relevant experts in respective fields and focused economic analysis in the Chamber network.

Submissions are typically supported by a strategic campaign to advocate for the recommendations we put forward. Such campaigns include: meetings with senior civil servants, TDs, Senators and Ministers; events and receptions and focused media activity.

In other instances, when we consider that the voice of our national organisation could be be more powerful than a voice at local/regional level, we present our members’ views via Chambers Ireland, for inclusion in their submissions to Government. View the Chambers Ireland Policy Submissions.

Our recent policy submissions include:

Manifesto for Europe

Chambers Ireland has developed a comprehensive Manifesto for Europe, outlining key priorities to ensure the continent's prosperous and sustainable future. Central to this manifesto is the advocacy for a robust European strategy on climate and energy resilience, aiming to position Europe as a leader in environmental conservation and sustainable energy.

The manifesto emphasises the importance of maintaining a globally competitive Europe, suggesting policies that spur innovation, support businesses, and enhance the continent's global economic standing.

An enabling policy environment for businesses is also highlighted, with a focus on simplifying regulatory frameworks to encourage business growth and entrepreneurship across Europe.

Investment in cities and regions is identified as crucial, promoting balanced development strategies that support economic vitality and improve living standards.

The delivery of the Single Market is seen as key to Europe's economic integration, advocating for the elimination of trade barriers to fully realise the market's potential.

Addressing the skills gap, especially in light of digital and green transitions, is a final priority. The manifesto calls for investment in education and training to prepare the workforce for future challenges.

In summary, Chambers Ireland's Manifesto for Europe presents a vision for a resilient, competitive, and green Europe, underpinned by supportive policies for businesses and strategic investments in education and infrastructure.

Read the Chambers Ireland Manifesto for Europe [March 2024].

Dublin Airport Infrastructure Development

Fingal Chamber has endorsed Dublin Airport's proposal to expand its passenger capacity from 32 to 40 million per annum, supporting a 15-year plan to develop 11 key infrastructure projects. This ambitious initiative, led by the Dublin Airport Authority (daa), includes enlarging both the North and South Aprons for additional aircraft and expanding Terminal 1's check-in and passenger services, which also entails relocating the security area.

The proposal outlines essential enhancements both on the airfield and in terms of airport access and parking, aiming to streamline operations and improve the passenger experience. Fingal Chamber's backing highlights the project's importance for regional economic growth, job creation, and Ireland's global connectivity.

In summary, Fingal Chamber's support underlines the significance of Dublin Airport's expansion as a catalyst for the Fingal region's and Ireland's broader economic development, advocating for its potential to elevate Ireland's status in international air travel.

Read the Dublin Airport Infrastructure Development Planning Observation by Fingal Chamber [January 2024].

Consideration of the Citizens’ Assembly report on the Directly Elected Mayor of Dublin

Fingal Chamber maintains a neutral position regarding the concept of a directly elected mayor for Dublin. We contend that any decision should be underpinned by clear costing, well-defined pathways for legislative changes, and a comprehensive understanding of the areas affected by a new mayor. The potential benefits, risks, challenges, and opportunities linked to this change should be thoughtfully analysed.

In the interim, we stress the importance of increased collaboration among the various entities that influence our daily lives and local communities. Furthermore, we believe that empowering citizens to engage at the local level is paramount for effective governance.

Read the Opening Statement by Fingal Chamber on the Consideration of the Citizens’ Assembly report on the Directly Elected Mayor of Dublin to the Joint Committee on Housing, Local Government and Heritage [October 2023].

Chambers Ireland Pre-Budget 2024 Submission

Chambers Ireland, the voice of business throughout Ireland, calls for Budget 2024 to be focused on our long-term challenges.

For the first time in five years, Government will be creating their budget without being under the shadow of an immediate impending crisis. Ireland has, since Brexit, been navigating an uncertain world with un-anticipatable crises impacting us in successive years.

At last, Budget 2024, is being drafted during a period of relative calm. Government parties and ministers need to use this opportunity to cement the gains that we have made and prepare for both the uncertain years we have before us and the impact of our population growth on infrastructure and services.

Having successfully weathered so many crises, we are in an era of unprecedented tax revenues which are largely a result of the unique mix of businesses based on this island. This windfall must not be squandered, and excess funds need to be locked into a special purpose fund that will ensure that the capital we need to make good on our infrastructural deficits is consistently available when needed.

Read the Chambers Ireland Pre-Budget 2024 Submission [August 2023].

Sustainable Swords Strategy

Fingal Chamber has endorsed the Sustainable Swords Strategy, focusing on the strategic regeneration and sustainable development of Swords to enhance local economic resilience and urban environment quality. Fingal Chamber's submission offers constructive feedback and proposals to elevate the Sustainable Swords Strategy's goals of creating a resilient, accessible, and sustainable urban centre.

Read the Sustainable Swords Strategy submission by Fingal Chamber [October 2022].

Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029

Fingal Chamber has provided a comprehensive and forward-looking submission regarding the Fingal Development Plan for the years 2023 to 2029.

In a detailed and constructive manner, the Chamber addresses several critical areas that are pivotal for the sustainable and strategic growth of the Fingal region.

These areas include Housing, where the Chamber outlines the necessity for diverse and affordable housing solutions to meet the needs of its growing population and to support economic development.

Transport is another key focus, with the Chamber advocating for enhanced connectivity and infrastructure improvements to facilitate ease of movement for both residents and businesses.

The "Town Centres First Strategy" is highlighted as a crucial element for revitalising and sustaining vibrant community hubs, emphasising the importance of supporting local businesses and enhancing the public realm.

Regarding Dublin Airport, the submission underscores its vital role in the region’s economy and the need for balanced development that respects the surrounding communities and environment.

Lastly, Climate Action/Energy is addressed with a clear vision for a sustainable future, advocating for robust policies and initiatives that aim to reduce emissions, promote renewable energy sources, and adapt to climate challenges.

Overall, the Fingal Chamber's submission is a thoughtful and strategic contribution to the Fingal Development Plan, reflecting its commitment to the prosperity and well-being of the Fingal region.

Read the Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029 submission by Fingal Chamber [May 2022].

daa’s Amendments to North Runway’s Permission

Fingal Chamber backs daa's North Runway amendments at Dublin Airport, emphasizing its crucial role in post-Brexit and post-Covid economic recovery. The proposal seeks to replace strict operating limits with a noise quota system, enhancing flexibility without increasing night-time noise. This move is vital for Ireland's global connectivity, supporting economic growth and job creation in Fingal. The Chamber highlights the need to balance airport expansion with community concerns and environmental commitments.

Read the daa’s Amendments to North Runway’s Permission submission by Fingal Chamber [January 2021].