Partner Membership
EUR 2750 / 12 months

For organisations that are major contributors to the local economy and seek strategic collaborations, we recognise leaders who share our vision to make our region the best place to do business.

Platinum Membership
EUR 1890 / 12 months

Designed for ambitious companies that are looking to advance, expand, acquire or diversify.

Gold Membership
EUR 1250 / 12 months

Geared towards large businesses that need to sustain growth and continue to build a wider network.

Silver Membership
EUR 625 / 12 months

Tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that need to create new opportunities, proactively drive growth, develop meaningful connections, and make things happen.

Bronze Membership
EUR 365 / 12 months

Designed specifically for micro businesses that wish to connect with the right people and access the right resources to build profile.