Government Relations

As a non-governmental institution, Fingal Chamber has no direct role in the writing and passage of laws and regulations that affect businesses. It does, however, lobby in an attempt to get laws passed that are favourable to businesses and society.

Fingal Chamber is the only Chamber in the area that represents business at the county, national and European levels, and we work with Government Ministers, MEPs, the Mayor of Fingal, Fingal County Council and local representatives to develop pro-business and employment initiatives.

Fingal Chamber does not lobby from the sidelines or shout needlessly in the media. Rather, we seek to build our reputation and relationships with policymakers, to make them sympathetic to the needs of Fingal businesses.

We ensure that decision-makers realise the important contribution of businesses, large and small, to society and the need to sustain it, by promoting a positive environment for enterprise.

Nationally, Fingal Chamber is affiliated with Chambers Ireland, which represents the interests of the Chamber Network, its members and the business community across Ireland.

Through lobbying activity, Chambers Ireland provides a voice for SMEs and contributes a pro-enterprise perspective to Government, policymakers and the media. They promote the policies and interests of businesses whenever possible and feed into the policy-making and political process on issues of importance.

This affiliation and collaboration with Chambers Ireland and the other Chambers within the network on national issues enables Fingal Chamber to primarily focus on matters concerning the Fingal region.

Fingal Chamber and Chambers Ireland regularly engage in constructive and productive dialogue with public officials and elected representatives. Under the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015, we submit lobbying returns three times a year. You can read more about our lobbying returns by clicking here.