Community Fund

Fingal Chamber established a ‘Fingal Chamber Community Fund’ for community-led projects and activities in the region which benefit the citizens of Fingal. 

This fund is financed by supporters and contributions from the Chamber itself. The scheme is operated by Fingal Chamber’s Community Forum, which seeks to create a Fingal that is sustainably developed for the benefit of the people who currently live and work here, and for future generations who will inherit the region.

​The Fingal Chamber Community Fund is targeted at supporting communities on developing initiatives in a variety of categories such as environmental and sustainability, health and wellbeing, and social inclusion and community development. The programme awards small grants of between €1,000 and €5,000 yearly.

Those who can apply include, but are not limited to:

  • Voluntary Community Groups or Established Clubs
  • Local Charities
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • Residents' Associations from Local Communities
  • Schools/Colleges

The following provides a non-exhaustive list of example projects that could receive funding under the programme:

  • The organisation of local ‘clean up days’
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Mental health initiatives
  • Promotion of ‘get active’ initiatives
  • Initiatives that connect young and old
  • Digital inclusion
  • Purchase of educational equipment
  • Development of amenities

The Fingal Chamber Community Fund is currently closed.

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For more information on Community Grants and Funding in the region, view Fingal County Council's Funding Fingal Guide. This simple guide outlines funding opportunities for community groups, event organisers, artists, sports clubs, tourism organisations, local businesses and more across Fingal.