Population Growth Alone Means Dublin Airport Will Need to Expand says daa Chief Kenny Jacobs

Speaking at a Dublin Airport Business Briefing hosted by Fingal Chamber, Kenny Jacobs, Chief Executive of daa, said: “Population growth alone means Dublin Airport will need to be 37 million capacity in the next 10 years.”

Dublin Airport has a current cap of 32 million passengers per annum and in December lodged a planning application to increase the limit to 40 million passengers. However, there are concerns in the industry that a protracted planning process spanning several years would impede growth before the final result is determined.

With a diverse audience of businesses and industry players, the event at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport provided valuable insights into the future of Dublin Airport and its influence on Ireland's economy and society.

Mr Jacobs delivered an insightful presentation that underscored Dublin Airport's critical role as a linchpin in Ireland's economic landscape. Jacobs highlighted several pivotal points, emphasising the airport's immense contribution to the national economy, generating €9.6 billion in Gross Value Added. Jacobs emphasised the pressing need for expansion, citing population growth projections that necessitate Dublin Airport to accommodate 37 million passengers in the next decade.

Addressing concerns about environmental sustainability, Jacobs conveyed a vision where airport growth and improved sustainability are not mutually exclusive but can co-exist harmoniously. He highlighted the daa's commitment to implementing eco-friendly practices and technologies to mitigate environmental impacts while meeting increasing demands.

Furthermore, Jacobs reiterated Dublin Airport's dedication to community engagement, emphasising their ongoing efforts to be a good neighbour. This commitment encompasses initiatives aimed at minimising noise pollution, enhancing community relations, and fostering socio-economic development in the surrounding areas.

In the Q&A session that followed, attendees had the opportunity to delve deeper into the issues raised, with Jacobs noting his support for the delivery of Metrolink and a DART rail line to the airport.

Fingal Chamber Chief Executive, Anthony Cooney said: “Fingal Chamber would like to express our gratitude to Kenny Jacobs for his informative update, and for his willingness to discuss the procurement process and opportunities with local businesses. This public event for the business community reaffirms the Chamber’s dedication to facilitating engagements for the benefit of the Fingal region and beyond.”