New Dublin Airport Passenger Panel Meets to Make Dublin Airport Better

A new Passenger Panel to ensure passenger opinions of their experience of Dublin Airport are heard and actions taken by daa, the operator of the airport, met for the first time yesterday (Tuesday, April 16). This new panel will complement existing market research surveys and feedback channels including the new rate my airport feature in the Dublin Airport App.

Gary McLean, Managing Director of Dublin Airport, said he was in listening mode yesterday, as the panel met for the first time as part of a twice annual event to hear first-hand the experience of passengers that use the nation’s primary international gateway. 

The Passenger Panel is comprised of a cross-section of passengers who use Dublin Airport for a variety of reasons including leisure trips, business travel and visiting family and friends.  Collectively, the panel members bring a wealth of travel experience and diverse needs – from solo travellers who navigate the airport alone, to those travelling with young children, to those with additional needs.  Dublin Airport was keen to hear panellists’ current views of their recent experiences and ways to further improve the facilities at our national airport.   

Gary McLean, Managing Director of Dublin Airport said:

“It was a very constructive first meeting and I was very much in listening mode to hear first-hand from our most important stakeholder, our passengers, who are at the heart of everything we do at Dublin Airport. It was good for me as the Managing Director to meet with the group and to listen to their ideas on how we can make Dublin Airport even better. I am also very conscious of recent feedback which clearly showed where we need to be more empathetic in implementing security protocols in a heavily regulated environment whilst showing respect and dignity for all our passengers.” 

“While the Passenger Panel itself is a new initiative it complements the variety of other feedback channels we already have in place and it will add to our understanding of what our passengers think of their experience. I want us to be the airport that listens most to its passengers to ensure that the customer service at Dublin Airport is among the highest of any capital city airport in Europe,” he added.

The Passenger Panel covers all aspects of the airport journey, including accessibility, the use of technology and sustainability, as daa works towards a more positive and inclusive experience for everyone who travels through Dublin Airport.